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Enhanced Rental Qualifications

Customers MUST present ALL of the following (*):

1. A valid United States or foreign country issued driver license;

2. A valid credit card, with sufficient credit available, embossed with the same name as the driver license; DEBIT CARDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED as a FOP (Form of Payment);

3. An additional credit or debit card embossed with the same name as the driver license.

4. One (1) of the following forms of government issued ID, in the same name as the driver license & credit card:

  • Passport - United States or Foreign Country Issued
  • United States Military Identification Card
  • Foreign Driver License Provided - must be accompanied by a passport,

NOTE: If a form of government issued ID is not presented, Hertz may consider the acceptance of an alternate non-government form of ID. Acceptability will be determined when the ID is presented at the time of rental. Hertz reserves the right to reject the ID as acceptable for qualification at its sole discretion and without explanation. If Hertz management rejects the ID, an alternate vehicle model will be offered for rental (pending standard rental qualification). An example of ID the Manager may accept includes a photo store member card (Costco, Sam's, etc.), a photo employee ID card, etc.

5. A return airline ticket or itinerary in the same name as the driver's license. If the customer does not have a paper copy, the manager will ask the customer to email a copy (e-ticket or itinerary is acceptable), for Hertz record to accompany the above forms of identification.

If unable to email the electronic documents to the Location Manager, at management's discretion, it may be acceptable to view and make note of the travel information provided along with the required photo copied identification mentioned above.

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Tesla Model S 90D

While others are developing mundane case studies in urban commuting, Tesla has created a luxury vehicle that captures all the performance, luxury, and technological potential of electric propulsion. All of Hertz’s Model S are equipped with a range leading 90kWh battery pack that achieves an EPA- certified range of over 290 miles between charging.

To enhance the performance even further, our Model S come standard with Tesla’s Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive technology, pairing high efficiency motors in the rear and in the front of the vehicle. The result is unparalleled traction control in all conditions and supercar-like acceleration. Zero to 60 mph in as little as 4.2 seconds!

The massive 17” touchscreen replaces the switchgear of a traditional vehicle, and you’ll never reach for your key; door handles silently extend to meet your hand when you approach, and the car is ready to pull away by the time you’re in the seat.

  • 0-60: 4.2 secs
  • Top Speed: 155 mph
  • Range: 290 miles